Growlers contain 64oz of freshly brewed beer. They are filled at the brewery for you to bring home and enjoy! Growlers are best when consumed within two weeks of filling date for optimum freshness. Of course, once opened, it is best to enjoy within one day.

Some common questions:

- When I come screeching into the brewery at 10:01pm, can I get a growler filled?

No. Growler sales are a form of off-sale and cannot be sold after 10pm. They also must be consumed off site. 

- I forgot to buy beer yesterday and its Sunday, can I get a growler?

Absolutely! You can also sit at the brewery and enjoy beer on tap on Sunday as well.

- I have this (sweet stainless steel / custom / other brewery / etc) growler, can I fill that?

As of right now, it has to be a Copper Trail growler. State law requires our name and address to be on the growler when it leaves the facility.

...But other breweries do it...well we don't, and we even asked the alcohol board, so....

- Can I get (insert beer name that we're not filling growlers of) in a growler?

Sorry, we draw the line at 2 kegs remaining, and there's an 'X' on the board to show that we're getting low.

- How many beers in a growler?

About 5-1/2 beers, depending on how big your glass is!

- If I have two Copper Trail growlers, but only need one filled, can I get my glass deposit back?

As long as it is in good condition, absolutely!

- What should I do with my growler after it is emptied?

Rinse it out, throw away the cap, and let it air dry. Then bring it back to the brewery to get it refilled with delicious fresh Copper Trail brew!